BabyPunks -
A community
oriented token
with Punks NFT

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Unlock exclusive content
Free high Value NFT Giveaway every week simply by holding $BPUNKS.
Play our game, beat the score, and stand a chance to win free NFT.

The first Token
  that gives free Punks NFT

1 . Rewards for holders
Holders will receive more tokens just by holding BPUNKS in your wallet.
2 . Punks NFT Giveaways
We will constantly do giveaways of awesome Punks NFT to our community.
3 . Community owned
Team held 0 tokens and will buy at launch like everyone else.


Phase 1
  • Website and smart-contract development
  • Launch and marketing campaign
  • Coingecko and Coinmarketcap listing
  • CEX listing
We are here
Phase 2
  • More CEX listing
  • More Punks NFT Giveaways
  • Team expansion
  • More usecases
Phase 3
  • Top tier CEX listing
  • Charity donation
  • More RARE Punks NFT Giveaways
  • More marketing push
Phase 4
  • Mainstream marketing
  • RAREST Punks NFT Giveaways
  • Celebrities onboarding
  • Aggressive marketing push

NFTs have gone social.

And they ain’t comin’ back.

Catch up the new trend with us!
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